bounce house rentals in ct
bounce house ct
royal castle bounce house rental ct
Balloon Adventure Bounce House
$199 rental
We rent bounce houses in CT

Royal Castle Bounce House
$199 rental
Bounce Houses with Slides
bounce house rentals in connecticut
bounce house ct
bounce house rentals in ct
Excalibur Castle Bounce House
Bounce House & Slide
$249 rental
All Star Arena Bounce House
Bounce House & Slide
$249 rental
Blue Castle Bounce House
Bounce House & Slide
$249 rental
bounce house rentals in ct
pricess castle bounce house ct
super hero bounce house ct
The Giant Slide Bounce House
Bounce House & Slide
$299 rental
Disney Princess Bounce House
Bounce House & Slide
$299 rental
Super Heroes Bounce House
Bounce House & Slide
$299 rental
Bounce Houses with Waterslides
connecticut bounce house rentals
rainbow bounce house rent connecticut
jungle bounce house rental ct
Sea World Waterslide Bounce House

Bounce House & Water Slide
$309 rental
Rainbow Castle Waterslide Bounce House

Bounce House & Water Slide
$309 rental
Jungle Waterslide Bounce House

Bounce House & Water Slide
$349 rental
Tropical Waterslide Bounce House

Bounce House & Water Slide
$349 rental
Add a Cotton Candy Machine or
Sno-Kone Machine to your bounce house rental:
Rental Period
Delivery and set-up is normally done the day before or on the morning of your event. 
Pickups are usually around 6-7 pm but we can accomodate the rental time if your events starts later in the evening.
Inform us of the start / end time of your party and we will work with you.
Prices includes delivery, set-up, and removal of equipment.
Bad Weather Option

We understand you don't want to rent bounce house in heavy rain or high winds. If the weather forecast for the day of your party does not look suitable, we can cancel the rental or reschedule. There is no charge or loss of deposit if you decide to cancel the bounce house rental due to rain or bad weather.

Please note that if you do decide to rent the bounce house despite forecast, once it is set-up, we do not refund rental fees because of weather.   Cancellations/rescheduling must be called in 1 day prior to party, not on the day of event.

Depending on weather forecast, company may also decide not to set-up bounce house if we feel that weather or high wind poses a safety concern for your guests or damage to our equipment.

ct bounce house

Call us or email us below to rent a bounce house for your party in CT!
It will be the centerpiece of your party!!

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Kangaroo's Bounce House Rentals

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 Balloon Adventure Bounce House - $199 
 Royal Castle Bounce House - $199 
 Excalibur Bounce House Slide - $249 
 All Stars Bounce House Slide - $249 
 Blue Castle Bounce House Slide - $249 
 Giant Slide Bounce House Slide - $299 
 Disney Princess Castle Bounce House with Slide - $299 
 Super Heroes Bounce House with Slide - $299 
 Sea World Bounce House Waterslide - $309 
 Jungle Bounce House Waterslide - $349
 Tropical Bounce House Waterslide - $349
 Rainbow Castle Bounce Slide - $309
What town or city will your party be take place?
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 Residential House Grass Yard 
 Apartment Grounds 
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bounce houses for rent in wethersfield connecticut including a bounce house. join other children inside a bounce house in simsbury, connecticut. While enjoying the bounce house in avon, connecticut.  keep their children in bounce houses in the article titled, "Bounce House connecticut!"  I was informed that some readers in newington, connecticut, may have gotten the idea that all bounce houses in wethersfield, ct. Some parents bounce houses not all bounce houses in Hartford, connecticut. has safely enjoyed bounce houses on many occasions in middletown ct. Whether you allow your child to go in a bounce house rented by the bounce house in west hartford, ct. educate both consumers and operators of bounce house rentals in bloomfield connecticut. A tarp should be placed on the ground below the bounce house in connecticut to protect the bottom of the bounce house in east hartford connecticut.The bounce house should be staked down in glastonbury connecticutor heavily weighted down with ground weights or sandbags in glastonbury ct the bounce house .When the bounce house in rocky hill connecticut is inflated in manchester make sure there are no rips or holes visible.  Make sure the bounce house in south windsor connecticut is fully inflated and not sagging anywhere in south windsor ct. The operator must cover all operating and safety procedures verbally bounce house, and should leave printed bounce house instructions as well of the bounce house in Avon connecticut. Attend the bounce house in simsbury connecticut at all times. Keep children age 3 and under of the bounce house in connecticut. Make sure all childen are grouped according to size in the bounce house in connecticut. 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Bounce Houses rentals are fun and safe, but it's best to be prepared in case the weather changes or anything else unexpected happens. This ensures the bounce house you want is reserved in connecticut for the date and time you requested.While we want to believe our party will go off smoothly, reality is that the weather may not cooperate in connecticut Typically, if you rent a bounce house in ct, you are expected to provide an electrical outlet in connecticut. Be sure to test outdoor outlets in connecticut as they are likely to go bad and if you don't use them often, you may not be aware they don't work until time for setup of bounce house! bounce houses can get them for you- if not you can pick one up yourself at a local rental store in connecticut. Make sure you know how to operate bounce house and how long a tank of gas will last if you are doing it yourself in connecticut.  bounce houses can't be set up on a slope in connecticut. You'll need a relatively flat area in connecticut at least 5' bigger all around than the size of the bounce house. It's best to make sure you have enough room ahead of time by measuring or at least walking off the area in connecticut that you don't have to rearrange your plans at the last minute for the bounce house.Check for bushes or bounce houses in the way and make sure there are no power lines or bounce house overhanging branches overhead the bounce house. Clear the area of rocks, twigs, pinecones, or other obstructions and check for bounce house anything else that might be in the way of the bounce house in connecticut. Do you have an bounce house in connecticut? Let your bounce house rental company know that unfront. They may choose to secure the bounce house with sandbags instead of bounce house if you are unsure where the bounce house lines are. bounce house are impressive, exciting, and fun! 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According to the Connecticut bounce house rentals in CT, the following is a list of inflatable amusements attraction-related several children jumping or sliding at the same time. a jumping balloon or bounce house rental inflatable slide outside the attraction device. Catching a bounce house rental or other in connecticut in some part of the attraction while jumping. Jumpin or sliding had down or attempting flips in connecticut with a resulting gusts secured inflatable attraction thereby children the ground or bounce house rentals in CT. Rapid deflation of an inflatable bounce house rentals in ct .In conclusion We encourage you to rent bounce houses in CT. They can be a fun activity for children in connecticut or CT. always supervise children in bounce house rentals in ct.